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about us

The increasing spread of human knowledge and the need to carry out various projects to improve the quality of life around the world on the one hand, and the need for timely implementation of these projects, with due regard to the quality and the expected range within the framework of the costs imposed on the other, will be more intense The role of project managers and the use of knowledge of project management in many organizations has been

In order to promote the culture of project management, to attract global attention to the necessity of this area and the influential role of project managers in organizations, in late 2004, the International Institute for Education (IIL), for the first time, launched a “World Project Management Day” . Every year, this global event will be held on the first Thursday of November

Leading PMPiran Management Company is honored to hold this valuable event, along with some experts and experts in this field, for the fifth time after the four successful symposia of the country’s project managers


The main goals of the symposium


Constructing Educational, Research, and Operational Platforms for the Development, Excellence and Knowledge Improvement of Professional Project Management in the Country

Identify the project managers of the country’s professional project and establish a communication network between managers

Investigate and identify the weaknesses of the knowledge of professional project management in the country and provide a solution to improve it

Audience of this event

Project managers, project team members, project engineers, project leaders, project management and project management project management, project management consultants, agile project management specialists, software development specialists, design engineers, industrial engineers, design and program managers, production engineers, executives Operational, IT professionals, R & D managers, marketing managers, scholars in this area, all people who are directly or indirectly involved with project management processes, and all those who want to take effective steps to improve project implementation. In our beloved country

The importance of participating in this global event


Review the Challenges of Project Management Day by experts in the field with an operational approach

Creating an interactive environment between managers of government agencies and top private companies

Benefit from the experiences and lessons learned from project managers in the country

Sharing the findings and expanding knowledge of project management

Obtaining a license from PMPiran

Getting Educational 6PDU

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