The “First Symposium of Professional Project Managers” was held on November 14, 2013, with the administration of PMPiran, along with the international Project Management Day

The symposium was taken place with the participation of a number of professional project managers

After the preliminary stages of the Symposium, Mr.Kyumars Mahmoud Zadeh delivered the first lecture. He introduced the history of PMPiran members’ gathering and the International Project Management Day and its background

 The second speaker was Dr. Fariborz Davarpanah, his speeches was about  “Managing multicultural Projects” and presented his international experiences to the participants

In the third speech by Dr. Parchami, he lectured  on “claim management” and a number of tangible examples

Mr.Meysam Iran Panah held recognition and Decision Making Workshop for one hour

After the workshop, Mr.Nima Rahimi delivered a lecture on “agile project management”

 In the last speech, Mohammad Karimi talked about the importance of “stakeholder’s management in urban infrastructure projects” and shared valuable lesson-learned to the participants

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