Following the successful launch of the first, second, national symposium of project managers in the country, which was held in 92 and 93 by PMPiran, the Leading Advisor Engineering Advisor, the 3rd Symposium of Project Managers was held on November 13, 1994, on the occasion of the commemoration of the World Day Project management held

Symposium 2015 Approach:

Review the challenges of the project

:Goals and Axes


1- Constructing educational, research and operational platforms for the development and development of knowledge of professional management of the country’s project

2- Identification of the project managers of the country’s project and establishing a communication network between managers

3- Review and identify the weaknesses of project management knowledge in the country and provide a solution to improve it

4. Provide the solutions, experiences and lessons learned from the managers of government agencies and top private companies


Project managers, project team members, project engineers, project management and project management experts, agile project management specialists, software development specialists, design engineers, industrial engineers, project managers, production engineers, operational executives, IT professionals , R & D managers, and all individuals who are directly or indirectly involved with project management processes

The topics presented at this symposium

 Analysis and analysis of the IPMA silver award project among mega-size projects in 2013 by Mr. Kiomars Mahmodzadeh

Analysis and analysis of the development and increase of product of Shazand Arak Refinery by Mohammad Hassan Mousavi

The topic of presenting speakers

(Investigating and analyzing the silver awards project of mega-size projects in 2013 by Mr. Kiomars Mahmodzadeh (Engineer Kiomars Mahmudzadeh)

(Development and increase of product of Shazand Arak Refinery by Mohammad Hassan Mousavi, Engineer Mohammad Hassan Mousavi


Engineer Kiomars Mahmud Zadeh-

Presentation Title: An Analysis and Analysis of the IPMA Silver Award Project Among Mega Sized Projects in 2013 by Mr. Kiomars Mahmodzadeh

The International Project Management Association (IPMA), established in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, is one of the first professional organizations in project management. This organization is an international federation of 50 project management associations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. The organization offers certificates in four levels, as well as specialized seminars and global knowledge

The goal of the IPMA Premiership Award is to identify projects in different countries, industries, and organizations to encourage project teams to expand and improve project management. The organization, with the support of professional project management to achieve higher performance, identifies projects as examples of excellent project management

In 2013, the project to increase the capacity and improve the quality of the products of the Shazand Arak refinery “has been honored with the award of the Simin among the mega-size projects of the organization

Speaker of Engineer Mohammad Hassan Mousavi 

Presentation Title: Review and analysis of the development and increase of the product of Shazand Arak Refinery

The plan to increase the capacity and improve the quality of products at Shazand Arak Refinery was established with the aim of designing, constructing and commissioning a new refinery in the vicinity of the existing Imam Khomeini refinery in Shazand. The project also included changes needed for Imam Khomeini’s refinery to increase gasoline capacity for domestic and foreign markets. These changes include changes in feed intake from 100% light feed to 55% light feed, plus 45% heavy feed, and increased quality of gasoline produced to Euro IV and V standard. The project is also the winner of the 2009 National Award for Iran’s National Project Excellence Award

 Project Duration: 8 years

:Mentioned Items

:The points raised in this meeting are

A report on the receipt of Simin’s top project in the Super Projects Group from the IPMA International Management Association in September 2013

Report on receiving the Golden Globe Premium Project in the Cloud Projects Group from the Project Management Association of Iran in November 2012

Examining the context or context of the project (Contextual Environment) includes the economic, social and political conditions of the project implementation

Review the overall dimensions of the project (range) in the three sections of logistics engineering and construction and installation, considering the workload of each of these phases

The effect of sanctions on increasing the time and cost of the project

Executive structure and management practices of project implementation and its role in overcoming existing challenges

:The role of the project manager (consultant) in carrying out the project and examining the above, along with providing appropriate solutions for the project’s progress in

Hazop Study

Expediting professional use of heavy goods transportation management

HSE management

Evaluation of manufacturers and suppliers

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